« A way to value the fashion cultural European heritage for inspiring the (young) fashion designers »


The Fashion industry is characterised by a high level of creativity and innovation and quick changes in trends. This industry is constantly reinventing itself, responding to consumer needs. Inspiration comes from culture, societal changes and from old designs and garments. One of the main challenges for the fashion designers is to find a balance between the satisfaction of consumers’ needs and remaining profitable. To adapt to the rapid changes in fashion, designers should be up to date, involved in fashion research and have greater knowledge about the past and current state of fashion trends. If sources of inspiration are provided to the designers they produce better quality, more creative and original design works. In this context, the ART-CHERIE project addresses the issue of apprenticeships delivery in the fashion sector dominated by Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) and micro enterprises. The objective of ART-CHERIE is to [a] contribute to the protection and exploitation of fashion’s Cultural Heritage and [b] to organize and structure it in vocational training courses for the improvement of EU fashion designers working in textile and clothing (T&C) Industries, and/or young fashion designers.


  • Project Full Title: Achieving and Retrieving Creativity through European fashion Cultural Heritage Inspiration
  • Project Acronym: ART-CHERIE
  • Project Duration: 30 months (starts at 01/12/2016 till 31/05/2019)
  • Funding Scheme: ERASMUS+
  • Participating Countries: Belgium, Greece, Italy, United Kingdom


The priorities addressed by the project are the following:

  • Open innovative education, training and youth work, embedded in the digital area for fashion industries
  • Improving and extending the offer of high quality learning opportunities for workers in companies and young designers
  • Further strengthening key competences in VET curricula


The overall objective of ART-CHERIE project is to bridge the gap between fashion industry needs and the lack of specific designers’ expertise in fashion industry SMEs, using innovative approaches resulting from the project and which the EU Fashion Industry urgently needs. The objectives to be achieved are as follows

  • To organize and digitize the collection, historical material and data which are exposed in Prato Museum;
  • To develop an integrated, innovative and specialized designer’s skills-training tool based on the above information;
  • To create a web platform with courses for fashion designers, workers in the Fashion Industry and young students designers aiming to work in EU T&C Fashion Sector.


The results which are expected during the implementation of the project and on its completion, are the following:

  1. Enhancement of knowledge, skills and competences of fashion designers
  2. Engagement of fashion industry personnel in lifelong learning in a non-formal, business setting, based on experiential, work-based, problem-based and self-directed learning, and a learning outcomes approach
  3. Definition and development of a Curriculum for the VET as a European Standard, including a qualification framework
  4. Establishement of a digital training platform which will bring together fashion designers across Europe, provide online training and facilitate dissemination of knowledge and sharing of experience. Moreover, it will serve as a medium for all stakeholders in the field to share concerns and advice, as well as promote employment opportunities
  5. Improvement and extension of high quality learning opportunities tailored to the needs of fashion designers, operating withing the entire spectrum of fashion industries
  6. Contribution to the modernization and professionalism of especially SME’s, through the use of a high quality ICT tool, which will facilitate the organization and function of design departments


2707, 2018

Press Release

COMUNICATO STAMPA In corso a Prato il meeting del progetto Europeo Art Cherie: quando l’innovazione tecnologica incontra il patrimonio dei musei Si tiene in questi giorni a Prato il meeting tecnico di Art Cherie, un altro dei progetti europei che vede attivo il Museo del Tessuto attraverso il cofinanziamento del programma Erasmus Plus. Il progetto ha l’obiettivo di sperimentare l’utilizzo del patrimonio tessile e della moda europeo come fonte di ispirazione e aggiornamento professionale per i designer ed i tecnici del settore. Oltre al Museo del Tessuto, il partenariato vede la partecipazione di Euratex – Associazione europea per l’industria tessile – come capofila, dell’Associazione greca per l’Industria dell’Abbigliamento, dell’Associazione Gnosis Anaptikiaki di Salonicco e della Univeristy of The Arts di Londra, che annovera al suo interno tra le più importanti facoltà per la moda del Regno Unito. I partner collaborano alla realizzazione di innovativi corsi sperimentali e unità di apprendimento, che saranno disponibili online entro la fine dell’anno attraverso una piattaforma di apprendimento a distanza. Il ruolo del Museo del Tessuto è quello di mettere a disposizione il suo importante patrimonio di tessuti, ricami, campionari di tessuto, offrendo approfondimenti utili alla creazione di percorsi sperimentali di apprendimento – attualmente [...]

3101, 2018

Press Release

New digital heritage resources to inspire fashion designers Press Release, London 30 January 2018 ART-CHERIE (Achieving and Retrieving Creativity through European Fashion Cultural Heritage Inspiration) is a 30 months Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project that is developing a vocational training course using Fashion Heritage to inspire professional fashion designers. On 18-19 January 2018, the ART-CHERIE consortium held its meeting at the University of the Arts London - London College of Fashion. According to Meletis Karabinis, General Director of the Hellenic Clothing Industry Association: “ICT-based vocational and educational training tools on fashion cultural heritage are still missing. The European fashion industry needs inspiration and learning from a glorious past in order to add value to its products and boost its competitiveness internationally. ART-CHERIE will improve and extend the provision of high quality learning opportunities tailored to the needs of fashion designers. This project enables us to better anticipate current and future skills needed in the textile, clothing and fashion sector.” The consortium discussed the ART-CHERIE 7-unit course structure, which includes a combination of taught material and self-learning activities exploring womenswear, colour, pattern, menswear, embroidery, knit and the consolidation into a designer portfolio. Two pilot units on womenswear and embroidery will be [...]

1407, 2017

Second meeting of ART-CHERIE Project In Prato, Italy

On 4-5 July in Prato, the second technical meeting of European Project Art Cherie (Achieving and ReTrieving Creativity through European Fashion Cultural HERitage Inspiration) co-funded by the Erasmus Plus European Programme took place. The aim of the project is to enhance European fashion cultural huge and impressive heritage as a source of inspiration for fashion designers. The five project partners gathered to define and identify the items from the museum collections to be used as research and inspiration sources for the online courses for designers and professionals. The visit of the museum, the project pilot, was dedicated to an in-depth analysis of the collections and archives which will lead to the development of the training material. The selected works from the Museum heritage will then be digitised and made available for the creation of an innovative knowledge pathway in which European textile and fashion cultural heritage becomes a creative and professional tool as well as an inspiring incentive for the design, providing elements able to increase the added value of future collections.